and turnaround

Restruc­turing and turnaround management

Wrong strategic decisions, production and earnings crises and unforeseen challenges in the imple­men­tation of projects can lead to critical situa­tions for the company. Liquidity bottlenecks can even threaten the existence of the company.

In order to resolve crises in the short and medium term and get the company back on the road to success in the long term, expertise from various disci­plines is required. Commu­ni­cation and the short-term appli­cation of suitable measures are important instru­ments, both in the event of crises affecting individual projects, business units or the entire company.

Based on many years of experience in banking and business adminis­tration on the one hand and the successes of technical project management and escalation management on the other, the LIMONO team brings with it sound and certified knowledge to help lead companies out of crisis, either independently or in an interface function.