Research and

Research and development

Successful projects are the result of struc­tured planning and conti­nuous imple­men­tation in all project phases. From the project idea, through requi­re­ments management and realization to indus­trial series production: all processes are subject to the LIMONO project structure. It is the result of successful projects over the past 15 years and it ensures the success of the project in a planned manner, identifies risks and shows possible potential for optimizing quality, time and costs.

The LIMONO vision of "Scheduled Success" is therefore an integral part of our daily work.

Within the spectrum of publicly funded research projects, LIMONO is respon­sible for project management, technical requi­re­ments analysis and external commu­ni­cation.

In addition to achieving these original project goals, the LIMONO team estab­lishes sustainable development processes that can be effec­tively continued by the customer.